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One Client Per Sector

LVP operate differently from other Executive Search providers.  We work with only one company per sector, which means we have no off-limits clients, and in turn means we will be able to hire from any competitor without exception.

No other recruitment company offers a client total access to the whole talent bank in its sector.

No Poaching Guarantee

LVP provides a unique guarantee to any client.  We will never recruit anyone from your company, under ANY circumstances. Other companies may not actively approach your employees directly, but they may come up with reasons why they are assisting them to find a new position.

Don’t believe us?  Ask any of your suppliers if they are happy to offer the same guarantee.  If they do, congratulate them on their ethics, if not, ask why.

Ongoing Talent Management

Steve Norton developed the “5 Pillars of Employment”™ for outplacement counselling services first delivered in 1996.  The toolkit was developed to help job-hunters understand their own motivations for choosing their next role.

The “5 Pillars of Employment”™ was then developed for selection and assessment, and has since been applied to Board and senior manager hiring for global clients.

For LVP’s recruitment services, the toolkit is used to do post-placement audits.  These audits occur 1, 3, 6 and 12 months after start date, and offer a comparison with the 5 Pillars score before the start date.  Feedback is then provided to the client and hiring manager for effective management of the new employee, with suggestions for any improvements that can be made